How To Build A Personal Website And Turn Your Interest Into Income?

In one line – Register your domain here and follow on-screen instructions to make your website online.

A personal website gives you complete freedom to show the world who you are, it serves as a living archive of your accomplishments and hobbies. Building your personal website is pretty easy today. You can build your website using your name as the domain name and turn it into your personal website/blog to accelerate your career development.

It gives you better digital presence, provide better view of your personality, skills and experience, you can build your resume online, and most importantly it works as your online asset because everything you post on your website by showing your web knowledge, as a professional or hobby blogger creates a value for you which is going to stay and bring new income.

You should know that:

  • 96% of netizens use internet for finding any information
  • 86 percent of netizens search the internet for finding local businesses and professionals
  • 76% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a one’s personal website

Your knowledge can be valuable to others. When you post lots of valuable content or share your views on something that interests you, it starts to rank well in search engines, chances are that other netizens lands on your website and you start to earn by placing related advertisements in your website.

Nowadays all popular online advertising programs are open for website owners to subscribe and place ads on their website. Try Google Adsense.

Apart from this today, recruitment agencies and employers make use of the internet to do the initial research for finding job applicants’ information as they want to find out more about the applicants, their skills and what’s going in their life. Hence having a great personal website is good in many ways.

Start by registering your domain name

You can register your domain name at You may go for a .com and if it is not free then there are tons of other options such as .biz .co .net .org and .life .me etc. You can find all available domain extensions here.

Once you secure your domain name, Go for Managed WordPress or you may install WordPress manually on a shared hosting option.

Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, this legacy tool has been around the longest, it provides you a user-friendly interface to bring your website online, start posting new content, images on your website, create pages on the go, select and install new website designs and is loaded with tons of customization options.

The good thing is that provides you a digital assistant and a video tutorials section which is accessible from your WordPress dashboard. Using this you can easily start doing things on your own without hiring any developer or spending time on support forums to get answers to your questions.

Apart from this, it has tens of thousands of themes and plugins available that do everything starting from the placing ads to integrating your social media accounts for promotion.

What should go on your website?

Once you register your domain and subscribe Managed WordPress, you can log in to your website to make it yours. Start by reading this article followed by other tutorials mentioned there and then create important pages and start posting content on your website.

You can create pages and give contact information, write an effective professional bio, add portfolio or links to your work then start posting new articles on ideas that interest you.

Once your website is ready with some good content, you may turn your passion into profit by placing ads on your website to start earning from your online content. You may go for Google Adsense or whatever program that interests you.

Moreover, you may also go for an SEO service such as Worryfree SEO (Team Managed)  or Search Engine Visibility (Self-managed) for promoting your business on Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing® to increase traffic and get more visitors. More visitors bring you more income.

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