Using ‘Quick Edit’ Option With Bulk Actions In WordPress

You can enable new custom fields to quick edit panel in order to apply quick edit actions to multiple posts at once.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom fields on edit screen bulk for posts, pages and other custom post types. This way you can you can perform quick edit actions in bulk on your WordPress site.

Start by installing ‘Custom Bulk/Quick Edit’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Custom Bulk/Quick Edit screen and select on what post types and taxonomies you want this plugin to work.

It also provides you options to selectively enable / disable certain editing actions.

For instance: You can enable or disable title editing, excerpt editing, category, tags and other taxonomy editing, reset tag relations and more.

When you are done with configuration options,

Visit any admin post or post type archive page such as Posts -> All Posts  and select the posts you want to perform bulk quick edit action to.

Custom Bulk Quick Edit

Now from ‘Bulk Actions’ select ‘Edit’ and the ‘Apply’. This opens up the posts for quick edit, make your changes and then click ‘Update’ button.

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