Playing Videos Using Popup Lightbox In Your WordPress Website

Earlier we have posted on inserting links to popup in WordPress, now same thing can be done for displaying videos in a lightbox overlay.

FA Video Popup makes use of the native WordPress Video Shortcode and MediaElements.js JavaScript library already present in WordPress since 3.6+ versions to let you add popup video links in post or anywhere on your website.

You can add links by placing shortcode and when the link is clicked, inserted video starts to play in a responsive lightbox overlay.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it adds a TinyMCE button on post edit screens to help you generate shortcode with multiple options such as you can trigger popup via a click on a poster image, a button or simply text, video pauses when popup is closed.

To include a video in your post, page or any other shortcode supported area use these shortcode options:

For MP4 / WebM / Ogv

[favideo-popup popup="text" text="YOUR TEXT" mp4="" webm="" ogg=""]

You must declare at least one type of video with a valid url.

For YouTube

[favideo-popup popup="text" text="YOUR TEXT" youtube=""]

For Vimeo

[favideo-popup popup="text" text="YOUR TEXT" vimeo=""]

Remember to replace text “VIDEO_ID” with the video ID from YouTube or Vimeo.

Popup via click on image (poster)

[favideo-popup popup="poster" poster="" mp4=""]

Popup via click on button

[favideo-popup popup="button" button="YOUR BUTTON TEXT" mp4=""]

Popup via click on text

[favideo-popup popup="text" text="YOUR TEXT" mp4=""]

Embedded videos are responsive and centered. The plugin supports MP4/WEBM/OGG video files and YouTube/Vimeo links.

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