Fabulous Background Colors – Add Random Colored Stripes With Smooth Color Transitions In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about changing background color. Most WordPress themes allows you to change background color or use a custom image as background of your WordPress site. This is done from your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Customize screen and selecting the background options.

You can also change background from Appearance -> Background admin screen. In this lesson we are discussing about a plugin that allows you to switch from simple background color or image to randomly color stripes. 

Fabulous Background Colors is the new WordPress plugin  that allows you to add colored stripes width random colors and smooth color transitions to the background of your website. See it live working here.

Start by installing ‘Fabulous Background Colors’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin automatically starts working. Visit the frontend of your website to see how it looks like.

Fabulous Background Colors 2

The plugin also provides you a premium update with than allows you to customize fade duration, stripe width and orientation colors and more. You can activate the pro version of this plugin from ‘Fabulous Background Colors’ menu on your admin area dashboard.

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