Bulk Converting Post Formats By Category In WordPress

WordPress post formats is a post presentation feature introduced with WordPress version of 3.1. It is a block of meta information used by theme to customize the display of post.

Post Formats are set from post edit screen, you can easily select a post format using ‘Format’ metabox on ADD NEW/EDIT screen. It provides you a standardized list of formats that works on supported themes.

Bulk Convert Post Formats 5678

In this lesson you will learn how to easily convert post formats by category. For instance: Suppose you have a category VIDEO where you have posted all video posts on your website.

And now you want to make use of WordPress post formats and display your videos in a better way, using a good presentation indeed. So the problem is how to convert that video category’s general blog posts into posts in video post format.

Here comes the use of Bulk Convert Post Format plugin. The plugin simply enables you to bulk convert posts in a category to any selected post format.

Start by installing ‘Bulk Convert Post Format’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Bulk Edit Post Format screen and select category from dropdown of categories and a dropdown of defined post formats.

Bulk Convert Post Formats

Type in the number of posts to process per page reload, put a lower value if the tool does not finish and to avoid server load & resource usage.

Finally, click ‘Do it!’ button, it takes sometime then displays you ALL DONE success message.

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