Unlock PDF Files Online To Enable Printing And Editing

Sometimes PDF files comes locked with a secure password and permissions, there are many services like PDF Protect that allows you to lock PDF files. In this lesson you will learn about unlocking such PDF files online using a PDF unlocker app.

Free Online PDF Unlocker is a Google Chrome extension that links you to a web service providing you easy PDF unlocking features. With this app you can easily unlock any PDF file online and enable printing and editing.

Start by installing Free Online PDF Unlocker app in your Google Chrome browser. After installation, launch it from your Chrome App Launcher and then follow the given steps:

  1. Click “Choose file” 
  2. Browse your file location directory on your local drive
  3. Select the PDF file to unlock
  4. Once you have completed selecting click “Open”
  5. Followed by “Unlock Now” 

The unlocked PDF file will be download into your computer’s local drive in a fraction of seconds. If in-case your web browser open the PDF file in a new tab or window then move your cursor to the lower right corner, use that popup tool options to save your PDF document locally.

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