How To Edit Subdirectory Plugins & Theme Files From WordPress Admin Area?

Default WordPress theme and plugin editor doesn’t provides you access to inner plugin/theme directory files. It only provides you access to main files from Appearance -> Editor & Plugins -> Editor page. In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily get access to each and every file of any plugin/theme directly from your admin area dashboard.

First install and activate WP Editor plugin. Upon activation the plugin transforms your default plugin and theme editors (as well as the page/post editor) with a powerful AJAX based editor.

Using this new editor you can open folders of any plugin/theme and see/edit files inside it.

For example: Suppose you want to edit any theme whose CSS files are kept in a separate sub-directory.

Wp Editor 1

With default WordPress plugin editor you cannot navigate to inner folders of your plugin but after activating WP Editor you can navigate to sub-directories present inside theme & plugin folders.

This is not all, the plugin has many more features CodeMirror,  Active, Line Highlighting, Line Numbers, Line Wrapping, Eight Editor Themes with Syntax Highlighting, Fullscreen Editing (ESC, F11), Text Search (CMD + F, CTRL + F), Individual Settings for Each Editor, FancyBox for image viewing, AJAX File Browser, Allowed Extensions List, Easy to use Settings Section.

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