Browsing Files On Server Or Network Share In Ubuntu

For browsing files on a server you need to connect to that particular server/network share. After connecting to server/network share present on your local machine or in any external device you can easily download-upload and share different files with different users on your local network.

Browsing files over the network:

  • Open File Manager
  • Click Network in the side pane
  • Now File manager will find all machines on your local area network which are having ability to serve files.

If you are connecting to an Internet server or in-case the machine you are looking for is not visible then you can manually connect to a server. Follow these steps:

  • Open File Manager
  • click File
  • Connect to Server
  • Enter address of the server
  • select server type
  • enter other information if required
  • Click Connect

Details on server types are listed here:
Servers on internet usually use domain name
Computers on your local area network use the machine’s numeric IP address.
If any othe machine is running Ubuntu use machine’s internal IP address. Otherwise, check the help on that computer.

This will show you the files on the server.  Now you are free to browse those files and folders easily.

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