How To Enable Face Unlock Feature In Android ?

Face Unlock feature was introduced in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Using this feature Android users; specially who use net banking, pay bills from their devices etc can increase their device security levels. By default this face recognition lock feature is disabled in Ice Cream Sandwich Mobile Devices, this tutorial shows you the steps to enable face unlock feature in your Android Mobile device.

  • Take your Android Device and Tap the Settings icon.
  • Scroll down to Personal
  • Tap on Security
  • Tap Screen Lock

Here you can select from various types of security locks like you can completely disable the lock, you can set slide to unlock option, you can set a pattern; pin or password unlock, here we will choose Face Unlock This shows you a warning, its time to find a indoor spot which is not too bright or dull.

  • Tap the Continue button
  • Adjust your face in outlined area marked as “put your face here.”
  • Android will capture you face to unlock feature and you will be seeing a captured image screen
  • After Face Unlock is set, it will be asking you to set up a backup lock. This will help you during the time your Android device fails to recognize you then in that case it will get reverted to another method of secure unlock.

Using Face Unlock in Android is easy, simply turn your device, look at the front facing camera and in capture your face to unlock your device.

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