Creating Free Passport, Visa & ID Photos In A Few Clicks

There is a Google Chrome app that connects you to a website that allows you to create free passport, visa and ID photos online in a few clicks. You can select your photo, upload it or crop it from any photograph, select side, save and then print it using your printer.

Make Passport/Visa/ID Photo is a Google Chrome app, either install it or directly visit this website. The website provides you a step-by-step user friendly interface to create passport size photos and then download then to your local drive.

On website you can select your photo size(eg. 2in x 2in) or a template(eg. US Passport Photo). It provides you template for country specific (eg.US passport photos) requirements and size specific (eg. 2inchx2inch photo) designs.

You choose your paper size or you can print on a variety of paper sizes to get more than 40 photos from a single print, just like photographers do. But here you save money and you get 40 photos without paying a penny. All you need to have is this application, photograph printing paper and a printer.

Here is a video tutorial you can make use of:

You can print the photo yourself at home printer or order online from photo printing services like plethora which is available online and offline.

This way you not only save money about 100 times the cost for your photo studios charge from you but save your time and energy.

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