How To Use 3D Carousel Photo & Video Galleries In WordPress?

With an spectacular interface, Matrix 3D enables WordPress users to create  image & video galleries and then display them via shortcode. The plugin automatically generates galleries in a click and then you can edit them, change the gallery images and publish them on your website. It is a very different gallery plugin built using ActionScript 3.0 and 3d technologies. See it live working here.

3D Gallery Matrix

Step-1 To start using it in your WordPress site, install and activate MATRIX 3D plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard and Click ‘Create New MATRIX GALLERY‘ button, the plugin instantly generate a gallery and provides you a shortcode to display it inside your posts and pages.

matrixfreepro ‹ MyWebsite — WordPress

Step-2 Click ‘Edit’ button and replace the images with your own images, you can add new images and add titles on them.

Step-3 Scroll down to set customize other gallery and text options like you can set gallery width either in percent or pixels, you can choose a gallery style, hover and click actions, set images to open in lightbox overlay on clicks, set text border, font colors etc.

3D Galleries

Finally, save the changes, copy the shortcode and use it inside your posts and pages for displaying your 3D gallery. You can create as many galleries you want and then display them on your website using their specific shortcodes.

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