Turn Jetpack On Without Connecting It To WordPress.com

Sometimes, when you just want to use a specific module from Jetpack without going through the hassle of connecting Jetpack to your WordPress.com user account.

In this lesson you will learn how you can use official Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin features without having to connect it with WordPress.com.

Unplug Jetpack is the new amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to activate and use Jetpack modules without making any connection to WordPress.com website.

First make sure Jetpack by WordPress.com plugin is installed and active on your website. Then,

Start by installing ‘Unplug Jetpack’ plugin in WordPress

UnJet 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Jetpack -> Settings page and you will be able to activate modules. You can use most of the modules without requiring any connection to WordPress.com.

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