Complete Google SEO Scanner For WordPress

Complete Google SEO Scan provides you an easy way to scan individual posts, pages and other URLs on your website for Google search engine optimization.

It allows you to select what post, page or URL you like scanning and then it scans almost all technical aspects of that web page for search engine optimization. 

Start by installing ‘Complete Google SEO Scan’ plugin in WordPress

Complete Google SEO Scan 1

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> SEO Scan page and you can:

  1. Select a page to scan OR
  2. Select a post to scan OR
  3. Select a custom URL to scan

Then start scanning process by clicking ‘Scan’ button. It shows you overall analysis of your website data, social graph info, design, content and other technical aspects.

Complete Google SEO Scan 2

How it works ? It sends a robot crawler to your webpages and crawls the content along with other related data. Then it displays all results in tables and charts (using Google Chart API).

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