Allow Visitors To Print Or Download Post As PDF, Doc, TXT, HTML, XML In WordPress

You can enable your WordPress site visitors to print or download your post content as PDF, Doc, TXT, HTML, XML files. Universal Post Manager is a WordPress plugin that adds Print, Save as PDF, MS Document, HTML, Text and XML buttons on single post screens on your website. 

Universal Post Manager 1

It provides your visitor options to:

  • Save as PDF file ,
  • Save as XML file ,
  • Save as Text file ,
  • Save as HTML file ,
  • Save as Word Document
  • Manage Save and Print buttons displaying per post/page
  • Flexible options for appearance saving and localization of buttons and strings,
  • Print Management
  • Print Template settings

The plugin is also compatible with WPML so one can save same content in all active languages.

Start by installing ‘Universal Post Manager’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard UPM Settings -> General page and select your options. It provides you separate settings for Saving Manager (UPM Settings -> Saving Manager) and Print Manager (UPM Settings -> Print Manager).

Universal Post Manager 2

Also you can selectively turn it ON or OFF on your website categories from UPM Settings -> All by Categories page.

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