Removing Unnecessary Jetpack Modules From WordPress

Jetpack by plugin provides you a variety of useful modules but sometimes website owners don’t want them all. Earlier we have discussed about keeping all or individual modules deactivated by default.

And today in this lesson you will learn how to remove all unnecessary modules from your website to keep a less confusing admin environ.

Jetpack Module Control is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to blacklist – remove individual Jetpack modules and also prevent auto-activation of other modules on your website.

Start by installing ‘Jetpack Module Control’ plugin in WordPress

Jetpack Module Control

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> General (on single site) or Network Admin -> Settings (on multisite) to find the new Jetpack Module Control section. Then select any module you wish to remove and save settings.

The plugin works both on single and multisite WordPress network installations. On single WordPress installs, primary admin may use this plugin to prevent other admins from turning on certain modules.

For absolute security, the primary admin needs to lock down the plugin’s settings on wp-config.php file located in your website’s root directory. Simply add the following line in your wp-config.php file:

 define(‘JETPACK_MC_LOCKDOWN’, true);

On multisite networks, the plugin can only be network activated and it then controls Jetpack modules on all websites.

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