Auto Display Amazon Affiliate Links In Your WordPress Site

In general, what bloggers do is they manually search products, and paste affiliate links on their WordPress sites. This is not only time-consuming but causes problem when any product goes outdated. 

In this lesson you will learn how to easily pick categories as per your website niche and show Amazon product links automatically without doing any repetitive tasks of finding and inserting Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon Auto Links is a WordPress plugin that generates links of products just coming out today in Amazon. You just pick categories and they appear automatically on your website, even in JavaScript disabled web browsers.

Start by installing ‘Amazon Auto Links’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and you will be noticing the plugin has added a new admin menu ‘Amazon Auto Links’.

Amazon Auto Links 1

From this admin menu you can: Manage Units, Add Units by category, tags or search them, you can manage auto insertion, label, templates and configuration settings.

The plugin comes packed with following features:

  • Supports all Amazon locales – Includes Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, UK, US, Canada, France, Austria, India, and China. For the category unit types, Mexico and Brazil are supporeted as well.
  • Provides you automatic insertion in posts and feeds Amazon Auto Links 2
  • Provides you with widget, shortcode and PHP function Amazon Auto Links 3
  • Specify Image Size – Supports up to 500 pixel large with a clean resolution.
  • Works without JavaScript – As some visitors turn off JavaScript for security. In such cases most ads including Google Adsense doesn’t show up to them but this plugin works.
  • Random/Title/Date sort order – Shuffle the product links so that the visitor won’t get bored as it gives refreshed impression.
  • Blacklist and Whitelist – If you want certain products not to be shown, the black list and white list can be set by ASIN, substring of title and description.
  • URL cloaking – You can obfuscate the link urls so it helps to prevent being blocked by browser Ad-bloking add-ons.
  • Detailed Visibility Criteria – You can enable/disable product links on the pages you want or do not want by post ID, taxonomy, page type, and post type.

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