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How To Enable Google AdSense In Responsive WordPress Layouts ?

Google AdSense for Responsive Design – GARD is the brand new WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Google AdSense in your responsive WordPress site with the use of [GARD] shortcode.

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How To Add Google Adsense On Jetpack Mobile Theme Of Your WordPress Blog ?

Jetpack by WordPress.Com provides you a mobile theme that you can activate from Jetpack’s main page in your WordPress admin area dashboard. By default most plugins that allows you to select positions for displaying ads like Google Adsense works only in main activated theme of your WordPress site. Hence, your blog readers who visit your site from their mobile devices get none of your ads displayed.

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Easiest Way For Displaying Ads In WordPress, Wherever You Like & Without Editing Any Theme File

There are many plugins in WordPress Plugin Repository that allows you to display Adsense and other ads in your blog but sometimes you like to display add on your header and footer areas, you install a plugin for that then you change your mind to sidebar and inside your post, you install another plugin and when you get tired of checking plugins one by one then you start editing your theme files but now reading this tutorial you can show ads anywhere you want in your blog without using any extra plugin and without editing and theme file.

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AdSense Toolbar For Google Chrome

AdSense Publisher Toolbar is a Google extension which help you to access AdSense earning reports very quickly. It displays its report on the same page which you are reading.

It gives AdSense Publishers two different ways to access real time information about your account. It shows your AdSense earnings for the last day, present day, last month, present month . It also displays revenue data for top channels created by you in your AdSense account.

With Pop-up account overview you can view the following:

  1. Summary of account earnings (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  2. Top 5 custom channels (with selectable date range)
  3. Top 5 URL channels (with selectable date range) And
  4. Lifetime revenue

In-site ad overlay provides you following options:

  1. It overlays for both adunit-based and legacy AdSense ads for the logged in user
  2. It overlays for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) tags on overlay-enabled domains
  3. Provides instant summary reporting on adunit-based AdSense tag overlays
  4. Provides instant summary reporting on legacy AdSense tags with custom channels

New in 3.x:

  1. A cleaned and light overlay.
  2. Supports for AdExchange Seller publishers.
  3. New panel with Ad Details
  4. Provides URL blocking in the Ad Details panel
  5. Provides creative blocking for ALL Ad Review Center users
  6. Feedback and Reporting on problems related to Ads

After you install AdSense Toolbar Extension it connects with your Google AdSense Account and uses AdSense API in the process of fetching your earnings data.

How Automattic Makes Money

WordPress is Free, Opensource and Priceless software from Automattic used for creating website, blog or something like that. You can download WordPress from www.wordpress.org for free.

But you know how Automattic makes money as it gives everything for free. No, it don’t give everything for free but yes most of its applications and the core software WordPress is absolute free for you.

Now lets see how WordPress makes money:-

VIP Hosting

WordPress provides VIP Hosting for major brands like Time Magazine, NewYork Times, CNNBoing Boing and also TechCrunch etc. To know more brands hosted on WordPress VIP Hosting CLICK HERE

WordPress offers you two types of VIP hosting:-

Akismet Anti-Spam Technology

Akismet is an automated spam killer used by millions of blogs. Using this you don’t need to spend long time on deleting spam. WordPress makes money through Akismet as it offers different plans to bloggers for use Akismet.

For using Akismet you have to signup by choosing one of the following plans to get an API key:

  • Enterprise: Costs $50/month. Here you get multiple site access. It is good for companies having low web traffic.
  • Pro: Costs $5/month. It gives single site access. Good for small non-personal sites and blogs.
  • Personal:  Costs $0 to $120/year. Good for non-business personal blogs.
  • High Volume: Companies with or over 100k calls per month pays per call. Costs $100/month minute.

Premium Features

These are the optional priced per year upgrades offered by WordPress:

  • Be the master of your domain: Costs: $13.00 – $25.00/year. For controlling your online identity you may add your own domain name. Like www.example.com instead of www.example.wordpress.com This feature can be added to you existing WordPress blog.
  • Extra Storage: Costs $20.00 – $290.00/year. This is used by the bloggers whose content is running out of space.
  • Custom Design: Costs $30.00/year. Bloggers use this to customize blog’s fonts with a point-and-click interface. No coding required.
  • VideoPress: Costs: $60.00/year. Uploads your videos, get them converted into different formats including HD etc. Including many more features.
  • Go Ad-Free: Costs $30.00/year. Time to Time WordPress displays Ads on your blog for logged out users. You may turn off the Ads by using this feature.
  • Guided Transfer: Costs $129.00 . This feature is used for transferring a WordPress site.
  • Premium Themes: You may upgrade to premium WP Themes for adding more options to site customization. Pricing for each theme is displayed under the theme on your dashboard.

Google AdSense 

This is what most of us use to make money online by putting Google Adsense on our web content. This is a free program by Google that empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying some Ads on their content. As I had already told you that time to time WordPress displays Ads on your blog for logged out users, this is what Google Adsense.

Support Networks

If support forums aren’t enough to solve your problem then you may switch to support networks.


This is WordPress’s security, backup and support. It backup you blog automatically without any security flaw.

Plans and Pricing follows:

  • Basic: Costs $15/Month per site. Gives realtime backup and automatic restore during disaster.
  • Premium: Costs $40/Month per site. Gives back-up restore and continuous security scan.
  • Enterprise: Costs $350/Month per site. Gives solutions for large scale WordPress Installations.

Poll Daddy

This is Online Survey Software with both free and paid plans as follows:

  • Free: This is absolute free for ever not a trial or something like that.
  • Professional: Costs $200/Year.
  • Corporate: Costs $899/Year