Easiest Way For Displaying Ads In WordPress, Wherever You Like & Without Editing Any Theme File

There are many plugins in WordPress Plugin Repository that allows you to display Adsense and other ads in your blog but sometimes you like to display add on your header and footer areas, you install a plugin for that then you change your mind to sidebar and inside your post, you install another plugin and when you get tired of checking plugins one by one then you start editing your theme files but now reading this tutorial you can show ads anywhere you want in your blog without using any extra plugin and without editing and theme file.

Generating income from Adsense and other advertisements needs quality content, patience and a lot of testing… testing of location to place your add from where you get more clicks from your visitors.

So here I am discussing about a WordPress plugin (only one single plugin) that allows you to place advertisements on your WordPress blog anywhere you like. You can choose header, sidebar inside post or you can even place add before & after post title, before and after post body or if you like you can display it after 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph and so on. You can choose the page type where your add would be visible like you can exclude certain category pages. If you don’t want visitors from certain URLs to see your adds then you can add domain names for not showing ads and the visitors from those domains will not be seeing you ads.

How to use it ? Install and activate Ad Inserter plugin, then visit Dashboard-> Settings-> Ad Inserter. Here it gives you different blocks. On each block you can paste you advertisement code then select the place via drop down menu for displaying you ads. If you choose to display your add inside post then it gives you the option to show your add after certain paragraph, if you choose widget from dropdown then it automatically adds a new widget in your widget page from where you can drag and place the widget to your sidebar. You can add as many adds or your own HTML code you like. It also gives you a manual option for showing adds where you can a shortcode inside your post for displaying add or you can set the add position to random.

Here Is A Quick Display Options List:

  • Display Advertisement As A Widget
  • Display Advertisement After Post Content
  • Display Advertisement Before Post Content
  • Display Advertisement Before Title (Heading)
  • Display Advertisement Before Selected Paragraph (set 0 for random paragraph display)
  • Display Advertisement Manually By Inserting {adinserter AD_NAME} Inside Your Post For Displaying Advertisement with AD_NAME Name At This Position
  • You May Set The Advertisement Alignment to None, Center, Right, Left, Float Right and Float Left
  • For Displaying Before Title And Widget You Can Select Pages For The Add Displayed, from Home, Page, Category, Post, Archive, Search.

ALTERNATIVELY, you may use Ad Injection which is now a very powerful and a better choice for adding any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. The plugin is cache compatible.

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