Google AdSense for Responsive Design

How To Enable Google AdSense In Responsive WordPress Layouts ?

Google AdSense for Responsive Design – GARD is the brand new WordPress plugin that allows you to insert Google AdSense in your responsive WordPress site with the use of [GARD] shortcode.

The plugin is easy to use and there are no complicated options and settings. You can quickly set up this plugin by following few easy steps:

  1. Create AdSense ads for the different sizes that you want to use in your website,
  2. Install and activate Google AdSense for Responsive Design – GARD plugin.
  3. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard ->GARD
  4. Now input the AdSense google_ad_slot number next to that ads dimension.

That’s it, you are done. Start using [GARD] shortcode for placing AdSense ads:

Other than this, the plugin also provides you a GARD Pro version which extends its capabilities like:

  1. You can use custom shortcode
  2. You can use its responsive widget
  3. You can auto insert GARD inside your posts

Learn more about GARD Pro Version here.

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