AdSense Toolbar For Google Chrome

AdSense Publisher Toolbar is a Google extension which help you to access AdSense earning reports very quickly. It displays its report on the same page which you are reading.

It gives AdSense Publishers two different ways to access real time information about your account. It shows your AdSense earnings for the last day, present day, last month, present month . It also displays revenue data for top channels created by you in your AdSense account.

With Pop-up account overview you can view the following:

  1. Summary of account earnings (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
  2. Top 5 custom channels (with selectable date range)
  3. Top 5 URL channels (with selectable date range) And
  4. Lifetime revenue

In-site ad overlay provides you following options:

  1. It overlays for both adunit-based and legacy AdSense ads for the logged in user
  2. It overlays for DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) tags on overlay-enabled domains
  3. Provides instant summary reporting on adunit-based AdSense tag overlays
  4. Provides instant summary reporting on legacy AdSense tags with custom channels

New in 3.x:

  1. A cleaned and light overlay.
  2. Supports for AdExchange Seller publishers.
  3. New panel with Ad Details
  4. Provides URL blocking in the Ad Details panel
  5. Provides creative blocking for ALL Ad Review Center users
  6. Feedback and Reporting on problems related to Ads

After you install AdSense Toolbar Extension it connects with your Google AdSense Account and uses AdSense API in the process of fetching your earnings data.

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