Internet’s First Managed WordPress Hosting With Built-in Virtual Assistant & Video Tutorials

Managed WordPress not only comes packed with unprecedented support from the masters of code but also provides you all video tutorials right inside your admin area dashboard to help you startup working with website admin and customization options.

Now you already know how easy it is to start a WordPress website on Managed WordPress Hosting of, what is it’s real importance and why you need it?

What you yet not know about is the built-in virtual assistant on every plan of Managed WordPress hosting of

How to use built-in WordPress assistant?

WordPress Virtual Assistant

Login to your Managed WordPress website, click ‘HELP ME’ tab on bottom left corner of your admin area and start exploring WordPress basics & website settings. It also guides you on each step you make in your dashboard.

How to access WordPress video tutorials?

WordPress Video Tutorials

Login to your Managed WordPress website and then click ‘Video Tutorials’ link on left side admin menu as shown in the given screenshot.

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