Simple WordPress ON-OFF Switch To Let Your Visitors Participate In Ongoing Activities

Simple On/Off Switch is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to display On/Off status of anything in your website via shortcode. For example: Suppose you are online and your Twitter Hashtag discussions are going, with this plugin you can add custom message in your site that lets your visitors know that Twitter discussions are ongoing and they can participate in ongoing discussion. In the same way you can turn discussion status off when you go offline. The plugin is customizable and you can use it for any purpose for any purpose, for displaying any On/Off status message.

Simply install and activate Simple On/Off Switch. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Home (Main admin page) page. Here you will find a new “On” or “Off” widget added by this plugin. Now you can turn value to On/Off, edit the message for On and Off status and display it via [simpleswitch] shortcode inside your posts, pages or sidebar text widget.

simple-onoff-switch screenshot 1

If you are using its shortcode in sidebar via some text widget then remember some WordPress themes doesn’t provides you shortcode support in text widget, well in that case you may use Black Studio TinyMCE Text Widget and add shortcode there.

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