Easily Participate In Finnish Internet Black Day Event On 23.4.2013 By Blacking Your WordPress Site

WordPress Plugin Repository has new plugin, especially created for Finnish people. Using this plugin they can easily participate in Finnish Internet black day event on 23.4.2013. “The day when Finnish Internet turns black.”

Simply install and activate Finnish Internet black day plugin. By default its code will come active only in campaign day 23.4. and each visitor sees message only once. But you can visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Finnish Internet black day page and make Code active every day.

The most beautiful feature of this plugin is that you can edit all text message. By default it shows three lines where first line is for title, second has some text that appears in big and third line text appears in small. You can add your own message in these three lines and even you can use this plugin for another purpose simply by visiting its options page and adding your message in text box provided there.

One more thing you should know is it provides a close button which when clicked removes the black screens and make your website accessible to your visitors.

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