New WordPress Column Plugin With Very Handy Shortcode Usage Options

We have discussed about many column plugins, this article is on a new column plugin by Konstantin Kovshenin. The plugin provides you a handy shortcode you can use for creating columns inside you posts, pages and other custom content very easily without having to worry about many shortcode formats and options.

See the following shortcode usage examples:

You can create a column group with [column-group] shortcode and then add columns to the group with the [column] shortcode as shown here:

[column]This is my first column[/column]

[column]This is my second column[/column]


You can also span columns, like this:

[column span=”2″]This is my first column spanned across two columns.[/column]

[column]This is my second column[/column]

[column]This is my third column[/column]


First column will get twice as large as the second or third.

All column styles are in plugin’s columns.css file. If you like making your own margins and stuff, simply dequeue the columns.css style during wp_enqueue_scripts with a priority of 11 or more.

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