Showcase WordPress Pages With Excerpt & Links Using Beautiful Boxed Columns

Page Showcaser Boxes is the new WordPress shortcode plugin that enables you to showcase your WordPress site pages with excerpt using beautiful boxed type columns linked to their full page via shortcodes. You can use the plugin’s shortcode in any post, page or custom post type.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Page Showcaser Boxes plugin then viait your admin area Dashboard -> Page Boxes admin page and click ‘Create New Box’.

  1. Now click ‘Add Column’ button to add new column. 3 Column or multiple of 3 is the best, unless you know about CSS, so you can edit file named ‘ssbshowboxes.css’.
  2. For selecting page, open drop down menu on the ‘Select Page’ field and then choose the page title you want.
  3. Enter the number of words in the field next to ‘Select Page’ field. Don’t use more than 40 words to get the best result, since the height of column is still fixed.
  4. Enter icon url in the image/ icon field. The image will automatically being resized to 65 x 65.
  5. Use the shortcode in your post, page, CPTs etc.

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