Ayo Shortcodes: Yet Another Beautiful Shortcodes Plugin For WordPress Self Hosted Blogs

Ayo Shortcode is the new WordPress shortcodes plugin. Don’t judge it with its simple and content less page on WordPress.Org’s plugin’s repository, the plugin is really useful and loaded with beautiful shortcode buttons that almost all bloggers need while writing blog posts, showing social profile links, in a list etc.

The plugin has no admin area configuration page, after activation Ayo Shortcode automatically adds its toolbar in WordPress visual editor present in add new and edit post pages, you can use this button for inserting various kinds of shortcodes the plugin provides you. Most of its shortcodes allows you to insert social media, blogging, email, RSS etc buttons including pricing table, code, testimonial, tool tips, latest tweets and there are many many more. All buttons gives you a beautiful hover effect on the front-end.

ayo shortcodes admin

Using these shortcodes inside you pages, blog posts and other custom post types is easy but you can also use them in your sidebar text widget for showing your social profile links etc. Simply copy them from visual editor to text widget.

ayo shortcodes

Remember: Sometimes WordPress text widget doesn’t provides you support for shortcodes, in that case you can use visual editor in text widget with the help of this plugin.

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