Easily Display WordPress Categories Or Posts In Columns

Display your WordPress blog categories or posts in columns.

Column Posts

WordPress Column Posts And Categories

Installation and Usage:

  1. Install and activate it.
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Column Posts
  3. Now use following code in your theme’s template files for column posts:

<?php do_action(‘columnpost’); ?>

WordPress Column Posts

WordPress Column Categories

Plugin is packed with following features:

  1. The category title can be redefined.
  2. The number of posts can be specified.
  3. The size of the thumbnails is configurable.
  4. The columns can be grouped by categories or posts.
  5. Only posts with thumbnails by category can be shown.
  6. The categories can be selected manually or displayed all.
  7. The column boxes can be displayed between 1 to 3 columns.
  8. This plugin has the flexibility to be used as a template tag or widget.
  9. The posts can be shown with excerpts, thumbnails or only post title.
  10. The appearance of the elements shown in the plugin can be configured.
  11. The categories can be ordered by id, name and listed in the include category.

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