How To Use Beautiful Tips With Lightbox Overlay In WordPress?

WordPress Tips Ultimate is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to use beautiful blocks for displaying tips which when clicked shows more information in a lightbox overlay. See it live working here.

How To Start Using WP Tips Ultimate Plugin?

The plugin is very easy to use, simply install and activate it. After activation it adds a new post type admin menu with title ‘Tips Items’.

To start creating tips, visit your admin area dashboard Tips Items -> Add New and create your tips.

Its just like creating new posts, all you have to do is give title to your tips, add some description and assign category(s).

After publishing your tips, you can display them inside your posts, pages, post types and other shortcode supported areas of your website.

WordPress Tips Ultimate 2

How To Use The Shortcode?

Go to page > Add New. On the editor, use this shortcode [tips category=”YOUR CATEGORY NAME”]

Use category title, not category id or slag. Make sure spelling is ok. It is case sensitive.

WordPress Tips Ultimate 1

If you wanna customize column, use shortcode. Example: [tips category=”YOUR CATEGORY NAME” column=”2″]. Then it will two column tips. In the same way you can use 3 columns.

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