How To Schedule Themes In Your WordPress Site?

Till now we have only discussed about scheduling posts and other post types in WordPress. In this tutorial we will show you how you can schedule themes by adding their activation and deactivation dates from the admin area. WP Scheduled Themes is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to schedule themes to display on the live site. The plugin can be used for holidays or special events.

How To Use WP Scheduled Themes?

Install and activate WP Scheduled Themes plugin in your WordPress site. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Scheduled Themes page and select a theme.

How To Schedule Themes In Your WordPress Site? 1

Click to place your cursor on ‘Start Date’ field, a small calendar will pop-up to select that theme activation date.

Now put your cursor on ‘End Date’. If you want the theme to be activated every year on same date then tick ‘Yearly’ checkbox.

How To Schedule Themes In Your WordPress Site? 2

For adding another theme schedule, click  ‘Add New Scheduled Theme’ and you can add more themes. Finally, click ‘Save Changes’ button and that’s it.

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