How To Add Icons On Your WordPress Blog Post Titles ?

Ever thought of adding beautiful icons on your blog post titles? Now you can easily add by using the new plugin available for free download in WordPress Plugin Repository.

So first of all you need to install and activate Title Icons plugin in your WordPress site. Now lets see what else you can do:

Setting Up Default Post Title Icon

After activation it add an option ‘Title Icons’ in your WordPress admin area settings menu as shown in the following screenshot. Select your favorite icon using the radio button then save your settings.

Title Icons For WordPress Posts

This sets a default icon so there’s no need of editing old posts, it gets there automatically there and also in your future posts if you forgot to add an icon using its meta box in post’s add new, edit page.

Selecting An Icon While Writing New Or Editing Your Blog Posts

This is for selecting an icon for your individual blog posts. Your default title icon is workable now but if you want to use another icon based on your WordPress blog post then on the right side of your post edit page there is a meta box, see the following given screenshot.

Title Icons For WordPress Posts

Select and icon by clicking it and that’s all.

Using Your Own Icons To Use In Your Blog Posts

Yes you can use you own icons, all icons are simple PNG files of 32 * 32 pixels. So for using your own icons all you need is upload them to this plugins icons directory. Now you can select them ad default from plugin’s option page or use them from post’s add new, edit page meta box.

Title Icons For WordPress Posts

This is how your icons looks like to your website visitors. It appears on both archive and single post page.

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