How To Use Custom Permalinks On Per Post Basis In WordPress?

WordPress provides you a number of permalinks structure. We have already discussed about what is a permalink and how to choose SEO friendly permalink. In this tutorial you will learn how to use custom permalinks on per post basis in WordPress. At the time of writing any blog post you can edit its complete URL structure and use your own slugs and slashes (/).

By default WordPress allows you to edit permalinks from edit post page but that editing has certain limitations, by default you can edit only some part of permalink but if you install and activate Enhanced Custom Permalinks, the plugin will enable you to edit complete URL structure of your content. With this plugin you can set custom permalinks on a per-post, per-tag or per-category basis in a more precise way.

How To Use Custom Permalinks On Per Post Basis?

  1. Install and activate Enhanced Custom Permalinks plugin.
  2. After activation visit your Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page and you will be noticing that permalink field present below the title field is now completely editable.
  3. Write whatever permalink you like using, you can include numbers and slashes (/).
  4. Finally, publish the post.

That’s all. You can do the same for editing old post permalinks and for editing permalinks of other content types like pages and custom post types etc. The best thing about the plugin is it doesn’t disturbs permalinks of your old published content but remember as soon the plugin is deactivated, your old permalink style comes in action for the posts whose permalinks has been set to custom and they starts showing error 404.

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