How To Remove Category Base In WordPress?

This tutorial is about removing the base from WordPress categories. Whatever categories you create in your WordPress based website, it shows with pattern with first your domain name then a ‘category’ (word) an then actual name of category you have give. For Example:, now we have to remove category from so that yourdomain should look like this

This is might not be useful for the websites owners having many pages and categories but if you are look for an easy method then install and activate WP No Category Base plugin. It completely remove the mandatory Category Base from your category permalinks so that category name comes right after your domain name in permalinks structure.

Usage: WP No Category Base doesn’t requires any setup or modifying core WP files and neither it breaks any links. Even it automatically redirects your old category links to the new ones.

Some of its useful features are:

  1. Works with WordPress Multisite.
  2. Compatible with sitemap plugins.
  3. No need to modify wordpress files.
  4. Works with multiple sub-categories.
  5. Doesn’t require other plugins to work.
  6. Works out of the box – no setup needed.
  7. Simple plugin – barely adds any overhead.
  8. Redirects old category permalinks to the new ones (301 redirect, good for SEO).
  9. Better and logical permalinks like and

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