WordPress Plugin To Redirect Old Permalinks To New Ones

Earlier we have discussed about the importance of post name permalinks and the tool that allows you to generate .htaccess code for redirecting old permalinks to new ones.

Now today in this tutorial we are making this quiet easy for you. You simply change your default WordPress permalinks, switch to SEO friendly post name permalinks and then automatically redirect old permalinks to new ones in just one click.

WP Permalink Redirect is the new WordPress plugin that automatically process permalink redirection on your website. All you got to do is install-activate it and that’s all.

The plugin has no configuration page, it immediately starts to work upon activation.

It also removes duplicated content issues and redirects your visitors to the new permalink using a 301 i.e. permanently redirect status code. You can even confirm its working with Google webmaster tools.

It also takes good care of website pagination of taxonomies like categories and blog list to allow them work normally on your WordPress installation.

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