Testing Performance Of Different Post Titles In WordPress

Good titles not only brings more organic traffic but are clicked more often by visitors on your WordPress site. Have you ever been strucked in choosing a right title for your blog post? Here is an easy way of to test multiple post titles and discover what gets more page views.

Title Experiments Free is a simple WordPress plugin that lets you split (A/B) test multiple titles for a post and discover what gets more views.

Great way of increasing click through rates.

How To Use Title Experiments Free Plugin?

Start by installing and activating Title Experiments Free plugin in your WordPress site. After activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Title Exp Settings to set the plugin configuration.

Title Experiments Free 3

Here you can set what post titles search engine should see, you can make plugin automatically use the best performing title in RSS feeds and set time for recalculating title display probabilities.

Title Experiments Free 2

If your website uses heavy catching then you can enable javascript on post titles. This simply ensures the plugin not to show same post title everywhere due to your website caching functions.

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