How To Regenerate Permalinks Based On Post Titles In WordPress ?

Regenerate post permalink allows you to easily regenerate all your posts & post type permalinks based on post titles in WordPress. The plugin is created by Sandor Kovacs. He imported blog posts having non relevant permalinks from different WordPress weblogs, he wanted to have all the permalinks based on the title so he authored this useful plugin.

How it works ?

The plugin simply regenerates permalink based on the post title.

For Example: 

“This is my article title” will have the permalink: “this-is-my-article-title”

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Regenerate post permalink plugin then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks regeneration page.
  2. Select the post type using the drop down select box.
  3. Click on the ‘Regenerate permalinks’ button

It will regenerate all permalinks based on their post title and display a success message with number of regenerated permalinks.

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