Lightweight jQuery Implementation To Display Related Posts Slider In WordPress

There are many plugins that allows you to display related posts in WordPress such as Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Jetpack’s related posts module, nRelate Related posts and there are many-many more.

Earlier we have discussed about displaying related posts in a carousel slider in WordPress. Now today in this lesson we will show you how to display related posts in an attractive slider. This way your visitors would be able to browse more content on your WordPress site. 

Related Posts Slider is a WordPress plugin that creates a very attractive slider of the related content on your website. You can automatically display this slider above or below content or insert it manually with template, shortcode or widget.

Related Posts Slider 2

The plugin comes packed with following features:
  • Showcase related posts in slider format, either in news style or in horizontal carousel format
  • Arrow navigation to see more related posts, so add as many related posts as you want
  • Complete CSS customization from settings panel
  • 2 Pre Styled CSS provided with the plugin, one for dark colored theme and other for lighter theme. Also you can create your own style suitable for your site in no time and use it within the plugin using a simple option.
  • SEO benefits of showing more related posts on the post content page
  • Pulls Related Post using inbuilt algorithm or you can use with YARPP plugin or WordPress Related Posts plugin (by Zemanta) or Microkid’s Related Posts Plugin
  • Widget option available for Related Posts Slider
  • Shortcode option to insert Related Posts Slider in between the content of a post
Start by installing ‘Related Posts Slider’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation the plugin automatically inserts the related posts slider below the content area of individual blog posts.

Screenshot showing various sections of the related posts slider that can be customized thru settings page

You can customize the display of related posts slider from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Related Posts Slider screen.

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