Powerful WordPress Plugin That Completely Ajaxifies Frontend Of Your Website

You can completely Ajaxify the front-end of your WordPress site and make your website much more faster then before. Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS) is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables AJAX page loading in your website very easily.

Simply install and activate Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS). After activation it immediately starts working and shows no more browser refresh or page loading when any link is clicked.

But you may visit options page from admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> AWS Options Page and customize its options like you can choose a AJAX loading image etc if needed otherwise the plugins works best in its default settings.


  1. Post will load without browser refresh.
  2. Page will load without browser refresh.
  3. Your custom theme design will not break.
  4. Make wordpress search to ajaxify search.
  5. Tested in popular web browsers like IE, FF, Chrome, Safari etc brwsers.
  6. Your sidebar also load without browser refresh, means if a site having different widget in differe page at sidebar then they can also use this AWS plug-in.

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