Powerful Nonprofit Board Management Plugin For WordPress

Nonprofit Board Management is the brand new WordPress plugin which provides you free management features for your nonprofit’s board.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Nonprofit Board Management. Upon activation the plugin adds a new menu Board Management menu which you can access from your Dashboard -> Board Mgmt.

How To Add & Manage Board Members ?

Visit Dashboard -> Board Mgmt -> Members page and here you can very easily add new board members, assign them Job and Committees etc.

How To Create & Manage Board Events ?

Creating New Events: Visit Dashboard -> Board Mgmt -> Add New Event, enter your event details like description, location, start and end time the click the Publish button.

Viewing & Joining Upcoming Events: Visit Dashboard -> Board Mgmt -> Board Events and from here you can edit events and other users can join them by clicking I’m Going button.

How To Create & Manage Board Committee ?

Just like events you can easily create committees from Dashboard -> Board Mgmt -> Add Board Committee page, you can assign members to it etc.

All created board committees can be managed from Dashboard -> Board Mgmt -> Board Committee page.

See it in action:

The main plugin features allows you to:

  • See Board Member Info – You can easily see a list of everyone on the board including their name, phone number, email address, all the committees they serve on, and a picture of each member.
  • Post Upcoming Events and Accept RSVPs – You can list all of your upcoming events, easily get directions to each event and see which board members have RSVPed to attend.
  • Find Who’s On Each Committee – You can see a complete list of every committee on the board and who serves on each committee.
  • Access Important Board Resources – A customizable section for board members to find links to documents such as meeting minutes or bylaws, notes for board members, or any other content you think is helpful.
  • Get Support via Video – We’ve included a variety of support videos that walk you through all the major features, making it easy to find help when you need it.

Premium Addons

The plugin also provides you premium addons you can use for adding features like reminder emails, event attendance tracking etc. For more information, refer to its page at WordPress.Org

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