New WordPress AdSense Plugin With More Powerful And Easy Features

WordPress Plugin Repository has a new AdSense plugin called Best Adsense. The plugin is different from all other plugins out there , it provides you with quick and much easy to use features. The plugin simply requires Adsense Publisher ID and Channel (Number) and you can play with all sizes of ads without having to create-copy-paste new ad block code from your Google AdSense account.

Install and activate Best Adsense plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Best Adsense add the following:

  1. Your Adsense Publisher ID. (Enter Numbers Only)
  2. Your Adsense Channel (Optional, Enter Numbers Only).

Best Adsense Plugin

Now scroll down and adjust your AdSense sizes and styles, after setting up these options scroll to bottom and set where yo want to display your ads. There are plenty of options and conditions to to ads on posts, pages, post archive pages etc.

Best Adsense Plugin

You can also enable addition functions like:

  1. Add adtest=on when Admin is logged in (for avoiding clicks by site admins)
  2. Add google-adsection tag before and after content. (View Google explanation on this feature)

Main Plugin Features:

  1. Different injection for single pages and pages with multiple Posts.
  2. Intelligent insertion without breaking lists, pictures etc.
  3. Number of ads can be dependent on the post length.
  4. Comfortable definition of ad size, layout and colors in admin panel.
  5. Add ads in content, but also in sidebar, footer, header ….
  6. Not more than 3 ads per page to meet google policy
  7. different channels for all ads to control and optimize different styles, colors etc.
  8. Provides you Ads widget
  9. powerful optimization tool to find out the best style and positioning for your blog to multiply earnings.
  10. For more info pleas visit :

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