Now You Can Display Related Posts With Thumbnails Using Jetpack

Now Jetpack also provides you fully functional module for displaying related posts of your website. This new Jetpack’s feature feature pulls out the relevant content from your blog and displays it at the bottom of your posts. When the feature is enabled, a new section of related posts automatically appears underneath your Jetpack’s Sharing Buttons and Likes (if its on).

To start using Related Posts by Jetpack, first make sure you have Jetpack by plugin installed and activated on your website. Then head to the Jetpack page present in your blog’s dashboard and click the ‘Activate’ button for Related Posts module. Now you can customize how the related posts section looks by visiting your Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading page and scrolling down to the options next to “Related posts.”

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From its settings page you can opt for displaying a “Related” header to better separate the section from the end of your post, simply tick the box for displaying a “Related” header. For making the section more visual, you can tick the box next to “Use a large and visually striking layout”, it displays accompanying images next to the post titles.

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