How To Display Inline Related Posts In WordPress?

Most of the websites display related content at the end of the article, however if you write long articles on your website, the user would probably be seeing related posts at last i.e. after scrolling entire content. You can make your website highly engaging by displaying interesting related content in between the post, may be between headings or paragraphs etc.

Inline Related Posts is a WordPress plugin that automatically inserts related posts within your content, capturing immediately the reader’s attention. The technology is popular among Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and Financial Times and many other websites.

Displaying Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts

You simply start by installing and activating Inline Related Posts plugin. Once the plugin is activated, visit the plugin options page on Settings -> Inline Related Posts and make sure ‘Active’ checkbox is checked.

The plugin allows you to change the related text or call to action, theme, color, opacity and other display options. Once you are done with customization options, save your changes and that’s it.

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