Notify Users About New Messages On BuddyPress Networking Website

By default BuddyPress shows you notifications on top admin bar. In this lesson we will be showing how to notify your website members about new private messages using notification text: “You have a new message.” 

You Have a New (BuddyPress) Message is the new BuddyPress plugin that provides you a shortcode and widget for displaying notifications about new messages any user gets on your community website.

Start by installing ‘You Have a New (BuddyPress) Message’ plugin in BuddyPress

Once the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets screen to setup the widget or use shortcode [you-have-a-new-message] anywhere to display new message notice to logged in users of your website.

The notice when clicked links to user’s inbox as a convenient and omnipresent shortcut.

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