Test Drive Plugins Before Activating Them On WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about test driving themes before activating them on your WordPress based website. Today in this lesson you will learn how to do same for WordPress plugins.

Now you can easily test drive various plugins, enable them on your website and check the functionality, working etc before activating and making them available for your website visitors.

Plugin Test Drive is a WordPress plugin that allows you to check plugins before activating them for other users and visitors on your WordPress site.

Before you start, please note that active plugins cannot be used for test driving. Hence, if you want to test drive some active plugin then first deactivate it and then enable it for test driving.

Start by installing ‘Plugin Test Drive’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Plugin Test Drive and you can either test drive plugins by IP Address or by Username.

Plugin Test Drive 1

The page provides you a checkbox list of plugins you have installed on your WordPress site, all you got o do is tick the plugin you want to switch for test driving on your WordPress site.

Test Drive Plugin 2

Another good thing this plugin does is, it shows ‘Test Drive’ option when a new plugin is installed from WordPress admin interface, as shown in the given screenshot.

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