Generate And Save Avatars Locally On Your BuddyPress Networking Website

In this lesson you will learn how to create and save avatars locally on your BuddyPress site, get rid from generic WordPress avatars and avoid calls to Gravatar for displaying user avatars. 

If you have members with no avatars on your BuddyPress community website and you don’t want your WordPress installation to show default avatar or call website then give a try to BP Local Avatars plugin.

The plugin is made to generate Gravatar avatars for any user without one, and then store them locally on your server or website hosting space.

Start by installing ‘BP Local Avatars’ plugin in your BuddyPress site

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Discussion, navigate to ‘Default Avatar’ and set BuddyPress Identicon.

BP Local Avatars

Once this option is set, it will provide you a link to ‘Bulk Generate’ avatars for all members who do not have a local avatar on your BuddyPress site. In-case if a member already has its own Gravatar on your website then it will be saved locally.

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