Finding VaultPress Registartion Key & Connecting WordPress To VaultPress Backup Service

VaultPress is a real-time backup and security scanning service designed by Automattic, the WordPress company. The most common problem experienced by VaultPress users is finding registration key.

Sometimes after new updates etc, VaultPress plugin gets automatically disconnected to the service website. And then it shows you following error message:

Vaultpress Message

Even the official VaultPress documentation as on 12-05-2015 doesn’t tells you where exactly to copy registration key from. It is easy, simply login to your VaultPress account, click ‘Subscription & Billing’ link on the top navigation menu and it will show you the registration key with all your account details

If you are a new VaultPress subscriber and don’t know how to configure it on your WordPress site then following steps are for you:

The first step is to install and activate the VaultPress plugin. Once the plugin is activated your second step is to register VaultPress, simply visit its options page and paste the registration key.

If you’ve already signed up with VaultPress, you can enter your registration key, and then click ‘Register’. We have already told you where to obtain your VaultPress registration key from.

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