Replace WordPress Built-in Post Pagination With AJAX Carousel

WordPress has a built-in and excellent feature to split up long articles into multiple pages. In this lesson you will learn splitting up posts into dynamically loading sliders suing same built-in functionality.

jQuery Post Splitter 2

jQuery Post Splitter is a WordPress plugin that takes normal multi-page posts from WordPress and replaces them with an all-ajax slider that requires almost no setup.

Start by installing ‘jQuery Post Splitter’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> jQuery Post Splitter page and select your options. You can set implementation, slider navigation position (top, bottom or both), use stylesheet, display link to View Full Post, loop slides and enable option to automatically scroll to the top of the page after slide load.

jQuery Post Splitter 1

Now visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen or open any old post or post type to make paginated posts using the newly visible ‘Insert Page Break’ button in the post editor.

In the first row of visual editor, you will be noticing the plugin has added a new TinyMCE button (page break button). Using this button you can insert page break shortcode (<!–nextpage–>) with in a click.

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