New Powerful, Easy & High Quality WordPress Form Creator

X Forms Express is the brand new form creator plugin for WordPress users. Using this plugin you can easily create beautiful professional forms and display them wherever you want in your WordPress site.

Some of the main plugin features are:

  • Built-in anti-spam.
  • Simple Drag and Drop.
  • Includes sidebar widget.
  • Confirmation mail setup.
  • Form entry storage and export.
  • No Programming skills required!
  • No loading time while creating forms.
  • provides you up to 25 different form elements.
  • Add forms to post and pages with a click of a button.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate X Forms Express plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> X Forms Express page and start creating forms using its easy drag and drop interface.

How to create a new form ?

  1. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> X Forms Express page.
  2. Click New Form+ tab.
  3. Give your form a title, add fields etc and finally click the Save Form button.

How to edit forms you have created ?

You can modify the forms you have created:

  1. Visit your admin area Dashboard -> X Forms Express page.
  2. Click tabs showing your form  names in X Forms Express admin page.
  3. Make your editings then again save the form.

How to display forms via shortcode, PHP function or Widget ?

Shortcode & PHP function: You can copy shortcode or PHP function of an individual form from your Dashboard -> X Forms Express admin page, secting your form tab then clicking ‘code’ button and it will display that particular form’s shortcode and PHP call function.



Widget: You can use its widget from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page. Select the form by name and click ‘Save’ button.

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