How To Filter Comments That Haven’t Received Any Reply In WordPress ?

Now you can easily add a new comment filter in WordPress that simply lets you filter your admin comments that have not received a reply yet by any internal user in your website. It ignores pingbacks from loop and allows you to define a list with admin usernames would be answering.

Installation & Usage: First Install and activate DX Unanswered Comments. the follow the steps:

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  • Step-1 After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> DX Unanswered Comments page

  • Step-2 Type the username of your WordPress site user who is supposed to reply to commenters. If you want you can add several usernames separated by commas(,).
  • Step-3 Tick the checkox if you like enabling Comment Count, it adds some extra database load

  • Step-4 Now save the settings and visit Dashboard -> Comments page and you will see the new filters are add and how it works.

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