Easily Display Beautiful Menus Anywhere In WordPress Via Shortcodes

Now you can easily display menu’s everywhere in your WordPress site with effective beautiful styling and customization via shortcode. Shortcode Menu is the new WordPress plugin that provides you more flexibility for custom WordPress menus by using Shortcodes. You candisplay menu the Sidebars, Footer Sidebars, inside Post & Page content and other shortcode supported areas.

The plugin shortcode provides you various parameters you can use to customize your menu. Also you can set custom id or class to a menu. You can display ordered list menu, you can display menu in block or inline.

The best part of the plugin is that it provides you Shortcode Generator for creating menus so you don’t have to remember or copy paste shortcode parameters from anywhere, simply use its shortcode generator for creating your menu.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate Shortcode Menu.
  2. After activation visit to ‘Shortcode Menus’ tab.
  3. Now you can easily create your shortcodes for menus
  4. Now copy the shortcode and paste in your widgets, posts or pages etc.

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