Limit Contributors Only To Their Posts In WordPress

It is possible in WordPress to limit authors, editors and contributers to only their posts on your WordPress website. This removes all unnecessary content clatter from all posts admin screen and allows your authors to see only their posts in admin area. 

Manage/View Your Posts Only is a WordPress plugin that allows contributors of a blog to only view and manage their own posts without seeing other contributors’ posts. The plugin is specially designed for multi author WordPress sites and websites which allows guest posts.

In WordPress, a contributor can write and submit a post and then wait for review until it has been published. But while doing so, whenever they access the “Posts” section, it lists all the posts, and hence they are able to see posts by other contributors as well the posts that are under review.

You might not want every one of them to view what others are publishing and what posts are under review.

Start by installing ‘Manage/View Your Posts Only’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin automatically does the thing. It allows contributors to only view the posts that they have submitted and not see what others have been submitting on your website. It also hides the total number of posts and drafts present on your WordPress website.

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